Art and Exhibitions

2020 has seen us re-think how we do many things, including present and celebrate student artworks. 

The End of Year VCE Exhibition usually takes place at a venue and is on display for a limited time only. The benefit of this year’s virtual exhibition is its permanence. 

Please visit the virtual exhibition by clicking through the link below.  It does take a few minutes to load so please wait.  We think it’s worth it.


2020 Virtual Art and Technology Exhibition


Tips for viewing the virtual VCE Art Exhibition

The exhibition works best when viewed on a laptop or if on a phone, through the Artsteps App.

Download on the App Store:

Download on Google Play:

  • Expand the exhibition so that you are viewing it full screen.
  • Move around the exhibition space by navigating the steps with the walking icon.  (It might take a bit to get used to but after a few minutes you will get the hang of it.)
  • To stop moving and view and artwork, please click on an artwork.
  • Artsteps will orientate you to be in front of the work.
  • The artists name and description will appear.
  • Close the information box to continue exploring the exhibition.
  • To go inside the gallery space, orientate your walking icon to move through the doors.