Brigid House

St. Brigid was born in 451 and died in 525, she is known for her protection of Ireland and many particular groups including cattle farmers, sailors, mistreated children and women, the poor and even scholars. In ancient Irish mythology, Brigid was a fire goddess and today her canonization is celebrated with a perpetual flame and together with Nano Nagle’s lantern, captured in our Kildare Ministries logo and school crest. Her monastery in Kildare became known as an important centre of hospitality, culture, education, healing and worship in Ireland and beyond until the suppression of abbeys in the 16th century. St. Brigid of Kildare bridges and integrates the ancient Celtic spirituality and Christianity.

In Brigid House we strive to live by five of Brigid values including being a model of equality, a peacemaker, hospitable to others, a friend to the poor and protectors of the Earths environment; and of course, we wear our Yellow colours with pride.

Throughout the year, Brigid House students are further supported by a wonderful team of Learning Mentors. Students meet with them each morning for school and community notices, prayer and fellowship.

The role of the Learning Mentor
Our Learning Mentors are pivotal to the pastoral care program at St. Joseph’s College; supporting and guiding students on their intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual journey. They liaise with teachers, support staff and parents to enhance communication and ensure optimal outcomes for our students.

The 2019 Brigid House Learning Mentors are:

  • LM1- Blythe Jennings
  • LM2- Ellen Bowman
  • LM3- Lisa Saillard
  • LM4- Jacquie James
  • LM5- Brenda Ahul
  • LM6- Adam Prime
  • LM7- Geraldine Ryan

Our Student Leaders

House Captains -Jessica Gould, Senan McNulty
Vice Captains -Connor Turner, Phoebe Healey
Junior Captains -Charlotte Gould, Ruby Oman
Beacon Leader – Phoebe Healey

Brigid House Leader- Tracey Pearson