Delany House

Welcome to Delany House

Bishop Daniel Delany was born in Ireland in the 18th century at a time when the Irish were in the midst of English occupation. The Catholic religion was outlawed and so at 16 years of age, when Daniel decided to become a priest, he studied in France. Upon his return, he began focusing on the Catholic education for young people as he believed they were the future of the Church in Ireland. He also placed strong emphasis on the power of education, establishing several schools. He founded the Brigidine Sisters in 1807. In 1886, a group of Brigidine Sisters travelled to Echuca to establish both St Joseph’s and St Mary’s schools.

In Delany House, staff and students strive to emulate the values of Daniel Delany by showing excellence, humility and everyday goodness in their academic and personal lives.

Throughout the year, Delany House students are further supported by a wonderful team of Learning Mentors. Students meet with them each morning for school and community notices, prayer and fellowship. The 2018 Delany House Learning Mentors are:

  • LM 1       Mary-Ann Tonini
  • LM 2       Jordan Grant
  • LM 3       Georgia Burns
  • LM 4       Judi Thompson
  • LM 5       Suzanne Russell
  • LM 6       Helen Fontana
  • LM 7       Charlotte Rolfe

Our Student Leaders

House Captains -Stephen Gruner, Jackson Gleeson

Vice Captains -Carly Hyndman, Carisa Kirchofer

Junior Captains -Olivia Lee, Indiana Gleeson

Beacon Leader -Annabel Lee

Delany House Leader: Jarrod O’Brien