English studies at St. Joseph’s College are carefully designed to meet the needs of students where they are at in their learning journey. Using multiple sources of data including NAPLAN and PAT testing as well as Literacy Planet achievement goals, teachers gain a clear understanding where their students are at in each stage of their developing skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking and language.

In Year 7, teachers work in teams to provide our students with the greatest possible flexibility for learning opportunities and assessment.

In Year 8 and 9, we meet students where they are at in their learning journeys based on their data, assessment and careful observation in the classroom. Specially designed programs and assessment tools overwhelm no-one and challenge everyone. Each year level consists of a multi-level approach giving all students the room to continually grow and feel a sense of achievement and pride.

At Year 10, students commence their pre-VCE preparations. The course at Year 10 closely resembles the pattern of VCE commitments to ensure students are aware of the expectations of VCE before they choose their paths. Students are also able to elect Literature as an additional course to English or pursue the Accelerated Employment Program which is a vocational English pathway leading to successful transition to VCAL.

At VCE level, students can choose from English, English Language and English Literature or any combination of the three according to their personal strengths and interests and providing them with a wide range of University and workplace opportunities.