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Welcome to St. Joseph’s College online application for enrolment. Once you have completed this easy four step process a receipt will be emailed to you and your child will be considered for enrolment.

The process will take approximately 10 minutes and you will be required to upload the following documents (if applicable):

  • A copy of your child’s Baptismal certificate.

If you require assistance please contact College Registrar: Brianna James on 03 54 822 577 or via email registrar@sje.vic.edu.au

Please note that the completion and submission of the Application Form is not an acceptance of the enrolment by the College. Your application will be given consideration and you will be notified of our decision, including instructions on how to accept should an offer be made.

Enrolment Policy & Procedures

The inspiration for enrolment guidelines for Kildare Education Ministries (KEM) schools comes from the Judeo-Christian story, especially the life and mission of Jesus in the Gospels, from the Church’s growing awareness of its inclusive mission and from a consideration of enrolment practices over many years. KEM schools have always been a part of the local community and as such have had a diverse intake of students. In both day and boarding schools there were many students who were not Catholic; our experience has been that these students have enriched the school communities and, at the same time, most have maintained that they themselves have been enriched by the experience of a Christian education. We aim to create a community of people where all are respected for their differences, abilities and varied stages of development. We will accept for enrolment those who wish to ‘come and see’ the education that we offer and be part of a community based on the values we profess.

The full Enrolment Policy & Procedures Documents can be found on the College website at https://www.sje.vic.edu.au/policies/

Where demand for enrolment is higher than the number of places available in a given year level, these documents also outline the criteria that will be taken into consideration by the Principal and/or the Enrolment Panel.


This application form is treated as a confidential document and personal information you provide will be used for College purposes only. The information will not be supplied to any other party expect for the Catholic Education Office who require information to collate for census purposes. More information regarding Privacy can be found under the Policy section of our website at https://www.sje.vic.edu.au/policies/


St. Joseph’s College and Kildare Education Ministries (the schools legal and governing body) has zero tolerance for child abuse and is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of child abuse. More information on our child safety commitments and a copy of the child safety code of conduct can be found on our website at: https://www.sje.vic.edu.au/child-safety/

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