Future Planning

Help Us Name Our Two Campuses!


St. Joseph’s College, Echuca is at an exciting stage of its development with plans to open a second campus in 2023 well under way.

The current campus at 21 Dickson Street, will eventually be a Senior Campus for students in Year 10 – 12, and the new campus on Mt. Terricks Road, will be a Junior Campus for Year 7 – 9.

Instead of referring to each campus by its street address, we would like to acknowledge each site with a name that is significant to our story.

To help us do this, we are calling for submissions from community members to name each of the campuses.

Established on March 22 1886, St. Joseph’s has a long and proud tradition of providing high quality Catholic education to students in Echuca and the wider local community including southern NSW.

St. Joseph’s College is built on the long traditions of its founding congregation, the Brigidine Sisters. The naming of each of the campuses, and subsequent naming of buildings, may recognise this in a variety of ways.

Names chosen may reflect the contribution of a significant person or group, a geographical location (current or historical) or a name associated with the indigenous people of the area.  The name(s) chosen should always reflect the Vision, Mission and Values of St. Joseph’s College and Kildare Ministries and our Catholic Identity. The Trustees of Kildare Ministries ratify the selection of the name as well as any name changes to current schools, buildings or campuses.

Submission guidelines  

Submissions will be shortlisted against the following guidelines:

  • Acknowledgement of St. Joseph’s College’s history, vision and mission.
  • Acknowledgement of St. Joseph’s College’s geographical location and/or the Indigenous land upon which the school is built.
  • Acknowledgement of a significant person/people in the community.  A person’s name should be used posthumously. A person’s surname is preferred over the full name. If the person is still living, permission needs to be sought from Kildare Ministries and then the person. A person’s name should not be considered if that person is still actively involved in the ministry. Naming should not result from monetary considerations or donations.

How to make a submission  


    • are to be in writing and include a rationale for the names proposed for each of the campuses.
    • should be no more than 4 x A4 pages.
    • are to be submitted by email to principal@sje.vic.edu.au
    • are due by the close of business Friday 15 October.


The campus Naming Committee will shortlist the submissions and circulate this shortlist for community feedback. Recommended campus names will then be forwarded to the Kildare Education Ministries Board for approval at its December meeting. If approved the campus names will then be ratified by the Trustees of Kildare Ministries at their Term 1 2022 meeting.

Further Research

Research resources available include, but are not limited to:

  • The St. Joseph’s College website
  • The Family Handbook

Blessing of the Land & Commencement of Early Works


Plans by St. Joseph’s College Echuca to expand to a two campus school have moved a step closer to reality with Stage 1 of the project given the green light to go to tender, and for early earth works to commence.

The announcement was made at a symbolic Blessing of the Land ceremony held by the College on Wednesday at the greenfields site for its proposed second (junior) campus.

St. Joseph’s College Principal Michael Delaney said the developments meant works could commence on Stage 1 of the project within weeks

Click here to read the full media release:

St Joseph’s College Media Release – Blessing of The Land (Final).docx

St Joseph’s embarks on a new Era


St Joseph’s College in Echuca is set to receive $5,000,000 towards Stage 1 of their major project to expand capacity to meet demand. The $15 million project will see significant refurbishment at the Dickson Street campus into a Year 10 to 12 facility – and constructing a new Year 7 to 9 facility on newly acquired land at Stratton Road, Echuca West. The project will feature environmentally sustainable elements.

Click here to read the full media release:

Setting Foot On New Ground


Announcement of Second Campus at 66 Stratton Road, Echuca

Existing Site Upgrade

  • Long Term Senior Campus (10-12)
  • Multi Million dollar Master Plan
  • Upgrading all spaces
  • Rejuvenation of our Heritage Buildings
  • Reclamation of yard space

Core New Site Benefits

  • Long Term Junior Campus (7-9)
  • Enhanced educational opportunities for our students
  • 4kms from current site
  • Innovative facilities
  • Accessible to both Echuca, Moama and current Campus
  • Opportunities for bike tracks and free space
  •  Minimal or no impact by or on residential traffic
  •  Free of town development constraints
  • Accommodate growth of the town

St. Joseph’s College is excited to announce the purchase of land at 66 Stratton Road for the purpose of establishing a second campus. The demand for Catholic secondary education in Echuca has continued to grow, and with the St Joseph’s Dickson Street Site at capacity, the need was clear.

In the official announcement of the land purchase Sr. Louise Cleary, Chairperson of the Kildare Education Ministries Board (the Governors of the College) said, “Since its establishment in 1886 St Joseph’s College has been known as an inclusive school offering quality Catholic education appropriate for the times. The new campus is an exciting educational venture that will enhance contemporary learning and provide for the growing number of students. The Board is confident that the master planning underway will lead to facilities and educational provision on both campuses that will enrich St Joseph’s as a Kildare Ministries school in the Brigidine tradition.”

The decision to expand was announced in late 2018, and since then there has been engagement and consultation with staff, parents and students regarding their priorities as planning proceeds for this exciting move forward.

The commitment to the new site (80 Acres) on the corner of Stratton Mount Terrick Roads now gives specific direction to the development of plans for future facilities. These plans include a multi-million dollar upgrade of the Dickson St. facilities as well as the commissioning of a state of the art, sustainable and custom designed new campus; two complex projects that it is hoped will come to fruition over the next 6 – 8 years.

“In a world that is both enabled and distracted by technology, the opening of a second campus that allows our students to connect to the community and environment is both brave and necessary,” College Principal Mr Delaney, said. “This announcement continues the courageous journey of the Brigidine Sisters who founded St. Joseph’s College, Echuca.  From the very beginning, our College story has been one of commitment and willingness to break new ground.”

St. Joseph’s College is continuing to grow with its local community by engaging with it, immersing itself in it, and responding to it according to its mission. It will have the space to welcome those who wish to come and share in what it offers; the opportunity to challenge and empower students to be creative and critical thinkers who act with Strength and Kindliness in the Gospel Tradition.”

In delivering the news to the College Community, Principal Michael Delaney was clear,  “We remain one Catholic learning community in the Brigidine tradition: St. Joseph’s College, Echuca. Our two campuses, only 4km apart will exist in harmony and balance, accessible and complementary, strong and kind: two siblings in close relationship”

He went on to say: “The second site, with ease of access to Echuca, Moama and the current Dickson St site, is ideally placed to cater for future growth and community needs.   The combined facilities will provide contemporary learning & teaching spaces which will continue to provide quality Catholic secondary education in the Brigidine tradition to the students entrusted to our care.”

Click on the link below to download the PDF :

Setting Foot On New Ground August 2019

Setting Foot On New Ground – Dec 2019