Koorie Education

Acknowledgement of Country

We at St. Joseph’s College Echuca, acknowledge and pay our respects to the Yorta-Yorta people as the original and ongoing owners and custodians of this land- the land in which our school is built on. We also acknowledge our neighboring communities Wemba Wemba and the Baraba Baraba people who have connections with St. Joseph’s College.   We commit ourselves to actively work alongside Indigenous people for reconciliation and justice.

Koorie Education

St. Joseph’s College is built on the traditional lands of the Yorta-Yorta people, and has strong ties with the local community with approximately 5% of our student numbers identifying as Koorie.

Auntie Donna Walsh, Koorie Educator, supported by Mr Jye Warren and Mr Adam Prime work closely with staff, students, parents and the wider community to ensure that our students get the best educational outcome when they graduate from St. Joseph’s.

As Koorie Educators we work with  the staff on protocols, and in the classrooms and draw on the rich knowledge and support of our two local park rangers, Greta and Hilda, who  visit in the classrooms and conduct cultural lessons in the bush.

We have many initiatives that specifically focus on improved outcomes:

  • Fire (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) Carriers group, which is driven by staff and students to promote reconciliation.
  • Indigenous youth leadership program (IYLP) provides opportunity for our Koorie students to develop leadership skills and a deep and passionate understanding of their culture.
  • Targeted intervention, support and withdrawal offered through Donna and Jye.
  • Cultural awareness and wellbeing development groups are provided to support students to achieve smart goals relating to Cultural Enrichment and Inclusion.
  • Programs are facilitated by our Social workers, Koorie Education workers and members of our wider community.
  • Cultural awareness and Immersion programs are provided throughout the school year, assisting students to better understand their personal cultural story.

At St. Joseph’s our objective is to continue to support students 7-12 who will graduate with confidence and then seek to further their education through  a  University degree, an apprenticeship or traineeship.

Many of our former Koorie students who have graduated from St. Joseph’s College have gone onto very interesting careers. In recent times our past students have moved onto careers such as chiropractor, nutritionist,  Doctor,  a dialysis nurse, graphic artist and artists, Carlton footballer (retired), two singers, dental assistant and many more.