At St Joseph’s College, all Year 7 & 8 students learn basic Italian grammar and conversational Italian in fun ways which is satisfying and achievable for all.

The benefits of studying Italian as a second language are multiple. The meaning of many Italian words can be instantly recognised through their similarity to English. Though there are differences between the English and Italian grammars, they are close enough to provide many common grammatical touch-stones which benefit both studies. Because it is a largely phonetic language and words are spelt in much the same way as they are pronounced, it provides an excellent opportunity to develop speaking and listening skills so vital to the general literacy of all students across the whole curriculum.

Italian is widely spoken in our communities which provides students with ample opportunity to hear the language and participate in real speaking opportunities through community events and artistic performances.

In our Italian studies, great emphasis is placed on culture as well as language. This allows students to reflect on their own culture as well as they move between what is culturally familiar to them to embrace the richness of other cultures. This process prepares our students to take their place as global citizens.

In years 9 and 10, Italian is optional and provides an opportunity for travel to Italy to authentically widen their perspective and appreciation on what has been offered to them here in Echuca. As well as artistic and cultural experiences including the magnificent culinary traditions of Italy, students learn the rich and exciting history of Italy, participate in language classes and meet Italian students their own age. They shop, cook, are entertained and generally enjoy all the Italian way of life has to offer. Continuing to study Italian allows students the option to select Italian at a VCE level.

At the VCE level, Italian studies equip students to communicate in Italian in a wide range of text types, within a broad range of themes and understand grammar in both a theoretical and practical sense. VCE Italian can provide students, in conjunction with other skills, the opportunity to work in tourism, media, social services, commerce and banking, as well as translating and interpreting.