At St. Joseph’s College, the Maths Department places value on fostering a passion for mathematics and encouraging all students to do their best. We offer all students a chance to have a go and learn regardless of their current ability. This means that students are challenged but not overwhelmed and learn maths at an appropriate level for them. Teaching is relevant, meaningful, and engaging; differentiation in instruction is employed to ensure to foster individual success. This is a consequence of our belief that learning is everyone’s right, and that all students can learn something and have the opportunity to feel success.
Students are encouraged to demonstrate a number of characteristics; we strive to provide an environment in which students are engaged, curious and excited; willing to make mistakes; supported by teachers and peers; open to feedback; and confident that they can grow regardless of their starting point. These qualities are empowering and presuppose a student who is open minded and wants to learn. 
Junior Maths
St. Joseph’s College utilises the Maths Pathway program for Years 7-9. The teaching model is research-driven and has been developed to support success for all students in mathematics. Maths Pathway combines a range of teaching methods and classroom practices with an online learning environment to support individualised learning for each student. In this model the success measures are growth, effort and accuracy. With Maths Pathway, teachers have the tools and the time to address each student’s individual learning needs. This includes developing their problem solving, independent learning, group work skills, and helping students develop a growth mindset towards their mathematics learning.
Senior Maths
In Year 10, students choose from three different strands of Mathematics, each designed to prepare them for the corresponding VCE subject. Students utilise the latest graphing calculator technology (Texas Instruments CAS Calculator) to complement their learning in senior maths subjects. The VCE maths courses offered by St. Joseph’s include Foundation Maths, Further Maths, Maths Methods and Specialist Maths allowing for students to select a subject commensurate with their ability and interest.