Meet Our Leadership Team

“Our footsteps are the road. There is no road, the road is made by walking. By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again.”

–Antonio Machado


Principal: Mr Michael Delaney

Stewardship Council Members - Mr Michael Delaney (Principal) Mr Shane Stacey (Chair) Sr Margaret Fyfe Mrs Leah McNulty Mrs Selina Handley Mr Kevin Lawlor Mr Kirk Teasdale Mr Matthew O’Farrell

College Leader – Learning & Teaching: Mrs Lisa Saillard

College Leader – Catholic Identity: Mrs Kirrilee Westblade

College Leader – Operations: Mr Grant Kemp

College Leader – Pastoral Wellbeing: Mrs Rachelle Chapman

College Leader – Staff & Governance: Mrs Rachel McAsey

College Leader - Enrichment & Inclusion : Mr Adam Prime

College Leader - Business Manager : Mrs Cheryle Ryan

Learning Leaders - Ms Kristen Watson, Mrs Blythe Jennings and Ms Ellen Bowman, Mr Rhys Leslie & Mrs Renae Fraser and Ms Alma Simmonds

College Leader - Projects and Communications : Tim Campbell

Brigid House Leader - Mrs Tracey Pearson

Moore House Leader - Mr Kaine Anderson

Patrick House Leader - Mr Will Jackson

Delany House Leader - Mr Jarrod O'Brien

Chisholm House Leader - Mrs Bronwyn Chatfield

Nicholls House Leader - Mr David Armfield

Applied Learning Leader - Mrs Felicity Hutton

Senior & Middle School Leaders - Mrs Belinda Lees, Mrs Beth Crossman & Miss Jacqui James