Moore House

Welcome to Moore House

Mother Moore had a great love of teaching and great sense of compassion.

She had a good sense of humour and was very considerate of others.

She allowed the small children to play with her rosary beads while she asked questions to check their knowledge.

She was sent to the new foundation at Mentone, she was said to be very sad to leave Echuca (1905).

She became ill, but continued teaching the children until she was too weak to do so.

Her final whispered advice to the Sisters caring for her were; ‘Love one another, stick together, help one another.’

Mother Benedict Moore

Born: Tullow, Ireland, 1850

Professed: 20th December 1870 in Tullow Ireland

Died: 26th November 1913 in Mentone, aged 66

The role of the Learning Mentor

Our Learning Mentors are pivotal to the pastoral care program at St. Joseph’s College; supporting and guiding students on their intellectual, emotional, social and spiritual journey. They liaise with teachers, support staff and parents to enhance communication and ensure optimal outcomes for our students.

Our Learning Mentors for 2018 are:

  • LM1 – Emily Coote
  • LM2 – Grant Kemp
  • LM3 – Darcy Richards
  • LM4 – Sarah Mai
  • LM5 – James Rogerson
  • LM6 – Lin Hamence
  • LM7 – Will Jackson

Our Student Leaders

House Captains -Aiden Molluso, Ella Marsh

Vice Captains -Maddison Brennan, Emily Mitchell

Junior Captains -Macey Larkin, Jessica Nunan

Beacon Leader -Emily Mitchell

Moore House Leader – Kaine Anderson