School Fee Information

Catholic schools in the Kildare Education Ministries are committed to providing an affordable quality Catholic education for families. We understand the financial demands placed on families and seek to keep the fees as low as possible. No child who meets the enrolment criteria will be refused enrolment or disadvantaged because of a family’s financial circumstances.

School fees are endorsed by the KEM Finance & Audit Committee and are reviewed annually. The Committee is accountable for balancing the affordability of school fees with its responsibility to manage College resources effectively to achieve the mission of the College community. Consequently, the level of fees charged considers the needs of the College and the capacity of the community to pay.

1.      Assistance

We understand for some families the payment of fees can be of concern, so from the outset, we encourage you to communicate with us.

If you anticipate having difficulty paying your fees, please contact us immediately. Our experience shows that by dealing with these concerns early, families experiencing financial hardship gain clarity around fees and fee payments, and have their concerns put to ease.

| 03 5482 2577 |

1.1 Pensioner and Health Care Card Holder Funding 

In addition to the family discounts for families with two or more enrolled students and the College’s means-tested concession card fee support, the Victorian Government provides the Camps, Sports & Excursions Fund (CSEF) for eligible students. In 2022 the payment amount was $225 per year for eligible secondary school students.

The College can assist you in your application and to find out more about the CSEF please go the following website: 

Please note that applications can be entered from 28 January 2022 to 24 June 2022.

Further Fee Support is provided after the CSEF funding is closed (i.e., after 24 June 2022), please contact 03 5482 2577 or email for more information.

1.2 Conveyance Allowance & School Drive Subsidy


The Conveyance Allowance Program is a form of financial assistance to help with the cost of transporting students to their nearest appropriate school. Distance is measured by the shortest practical route between the student’s place of residence and the College. Use Bing Maps as a reference. Please note the final determination of your qualification is determined by the Victorian Government using its Student Conveyance Allowance System (SCAS).


For those students who do not have access to public transport (the free school bus) you may be able to access the School Drive Subsidy. This subsidy is available in areas where there is no public transport, to drive an eligible student all or part of the way to school. Visit Transport NSW for more detail on its regional school student transport scheme and free school travel pass.

See Transport for more on Victorian and NSW arrangements

2.      2023 Schedule of Fees

Our fees cover all compulsory costs for the year including levies, camps and a portable device, currently a MacBook computer.

Please find below the Schedule of Fees for 2023:

2023 School Tuition Fee One Student Family Two or More Student Family
Annual Tuition Fee $3,680 $6,380


Whilst every attempt has been made to bill all School Fees for the year up front, on occasions there may be a need to bill some additional fees such as repairs to MacBook and self-pay bus fares etc. Families are requested to pay these fees (if any) separately.

3.      Billing

Fees are charged annually and sent to families at the start of term 1, or upon enrolment for mid-year intakes. Statements are then emailed monthly, or upon settlement of the account.

4.      Payment Options

Direct Debit Request Form

All accounts are either paid by direct debit or directly to the College’s front office (in-person or over the phone 03 5482 2577).

Please find below Payment Options offered:

Option 1

One-off Payment

Option 2

4 Instalments

Option 3

Flexible Payment Plan*

One single payment in full Due Date:

31 March 2023

1st Instalment

Due Date: 31 March 2023

The total amount outstanding due date:

17 November 2023


2nd Instalment

Due Date: 23 June 2023

3rd Instalment

Due Date: 15 September 2023

4th & Final Instalment

Due Date: 17 November 2023

*Flexible Payment Plans (FPP)

To support families in meeting their fee commitment, the College offers a flexible payment plan as an alternative payment option for you school fees. All families that do not pay their school fees in full in a one-off payment or their 1st instalment by 31 March 2023 will be required to enter in a regular payment arrangement using the College’s Direct Debit facility.

Any other payment arrangements need to be approved by the College, and will only apply to special circumstances. The payment period is generally from February to November, but ongoing payments (over a full calendar year) can be set up where requested.

5.      Finance Team