The House Structure

What makes St Joseph’s College Echuca remarkable?

The St.Joseph’s College Echuca School Community is an incredibly welcoming, compassionate and supportive environment that values the development, achievement and contribution of all students and their families.

Each House consists of seven Learning Mentor Groups that include students from Years 7 -12. Students remain in their House and Learning Mentor Group throughout their journey at St Joseph’s. Learning Mentor time is incredibly valuable, enabling the development of robust and powerful relationships between the Learning Mentor and students that support their development, learning and growth.

Brigid House

Patron: Saint Brigid Charity: Brigidine Asylum Seekers Project

Patrick House

Patron: Saint Patrick Charity: Australian Catholic Religious Against the Trafficking of Humans

Chisholm House

Patron: Caroline Chisholm Charity: Wellsprings for Women

Nicholls House

Patron: Sir Doug Nicholls Charity: Opening The Doors Foundation

Moore House

Patron: Mother Moore Charity: Child First Foundation

Delany House

Patron: Bishop Daniel Delany Charity: Sandhurst Retired Priests Fund