Student Behaviour

St. Joseph’s College promotes safety and belonging by respecting diversity and encouraging harmonious relationships. All members of the College community have the right to a safe and supportive environment, in which they can reach their full academic, emotional, physical and spiritual potential. In essence teachers have the right to teach and all students have the right to learn.

When students behave in a manner contrary to the College’s ethos and expectations, their rights are not diminished. The College’s Student Behaviour Management Procedures are to be applied in a manner that always respects the dignity of all involved. Mistakes, and at times, misbehaviour, are part of the adolescent development and our response should be seen as an opportunity for personal improvement.  At all times, the Christian value of forgiveness should be upheld and promoted.

St. Joseph’s College expects that all interactions between people are based on mutual respect and the application of our behaviour management procedures will enhance this expectation. Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviours by students will be responded to, and applied in a manner that addresses the behaviours, whilst not denigrating the person.

Student Expectations