Teaching & Learning

At St Joseph’s College we strive to develop liberated learners relating, engaging, inquiring, persevering, challenging, reflecting and learning from each other.

Our curriculum at Years 7-10 is based on the Victorian Curriculum and diocesan requirements. At the senior level we offer an extensive range of VCE subjects, which from 2023, will include the new VCE Vocational Major (VM) as well as the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC), with increased opportunities in Vocational Educational Training (VET). Our curriculum offers a balance of practical and academic subjects to meet the needs and aspirations of each student.

The growth mindset culture of St Joseph’s College supports all students as they strive to grow into the very best version of themselves that they can be. This is achieved by ensuring that every student at St Joseph’s College has access to a relevant, inspiring and engaging learning pathway.

St Joseph’s College is committed to providing a personalised learning program for all of its students. Personalised learning aims to tailor a student’s program to match their learning needs and to support the development of their personal passions and interests.

As such each year level has a particular focus:

Focus of each year level:

Year 7: Foundation

Students are introduced to the St Joseph’s school community.  It is a time for getting to know themselves, the other students, their teachers and expectations of secondary schooling. Students are exposed to a wide range of subjects as we begin to identify their learning needs and they identify their passions and interests.

Students in Year 7 will complete the following:

  • Religion
  • English
  • Maths
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Italian
  • Science
  • Humanities
  • The Arts (2D Art, 3D Art, Music and Drama)
  • Technology (Fabrics, Foods, Metal and Woodwork)
  • Reading Room
  • Clubs

Years 8 & 9: Exploration

Students in Years 8 and 9 develop their personal learning program by selecting the semester units that make up their Personal Learning Passport. The Personal Learning Passport consists of a number of semester units from all key learning areas. Both English and Mathematics are core and students will be placed into these classes based upon their academic needs.  Students are able to choose their other semester units from a wide and varied selection based on their passion or interest.

Middle School Subject Selection Handbook 2023

Year 10: Consolidation

Students now begin to consolidate in the areas they are interested in pursuing. St Joseph’s College offers both an academic and an applied learning pathway at Year 10. With approximately 50 subjects for students to select from at Year 10, we can provide a strong base and understanding of the key knowledge and skills required for all students to successfully complete their chosen pathway.

Extensive course counselling ensures that students are best placed to chose the correct pathway.

Senior School Subject Selection Handbook 2023

Years 11 & 12: Pathway

Students are now able to concentrate their efforts in achieving success in the program they have selected.
The aim of these two years is to ensure a pathway, post Year 12, whether it be at university, TAFE, an apprenticeship or employment.

The College Curriculum are grouped into four key learning areas – Communication, Culture, Enterprise and Reason. Read more about each below.