Transition to secondary school is both an exciting and challenging experience for adolescents.

The move from primary school to secondary school brings with it changes in expectations, environment, peer group support. So many students look forward to the change and some find it overwhelming.

Research shows, the greater supports provided through to children during this move, the greater opportunities for success in these individuals in later years.

In Year 7 there are a range of different subjects that you get to do. Some are hands-on, such as Woodwork, Food technology, Science prac, music, IT, Drama and Art. Others are English, Humanities, Religious Education, theory lessons in Science, PE, Food, Drama and Music. There are 4 periods a day, all 75 minutes long. In each class you learn something new and exciting from planets in space, to how to cook scones. Every day at school is a new challenge and is one more step further in your secondary education at St. Joseph’s College, Echuca.

In addition to the 4 periods in the day we start the day with a smaller class group known as Learning Mentor Group. These are vertically structured classes of approximately 22 students from all year levels. You will have the same Learning Mentor Teacher for the duration of your time at St. Joseph’s. Your first day at St. Joseph’s is planned to connect you with Year 12 students in your Learning Mentor Group and they will then be your guides for the year.

Transition starts when you come along to the annual Year Seven Information Evening in early Term 2 every year. At some stage before or after this your parents may embark on a school tour, often available during school time so you might see the school in action. After applying and if successful you and your parents might undertake an enrolment interview with a Senior Member of staff. For students anxious about the move to secondary we offer a series of additional short orientation experiences prior to the full day of orientation, these are normally in early November with the traditional Orientation day in early December.