The school community expects that students wear their uniform with pride and care, and present themselves as positive representatives of the school at all times.

Uniform generally falls under 3 categories – Summer, Winter and Sport.  At all times the College reinforces the wearing of a Uniform that is “fit for purpose”.  In short, that means that on a day where a student has a PE class, or representing the school at a sporting event, that they are in full sport uniform.  Likewise the school uniform requires the wearing of fully enclosed leather shoes – this is to comply with OH & S requirements for activities undertaken in Technology, Science & Art subjects.

All clothing uniform items, including the school bag, are available from Hip Pocket, 173 Pakenham Street Echuca.



SJC School dress 

SJC Shorts (worn with School Shirt)

SJC Summer Shirts (with logo)

Grey Shorts (Surrey)

Plain white socks (above ankle)

Black, leather, lace-up school shoes with low heel. (No boots permitted) 

SJC College Hat (Green) 



SJC Pleated Skirt 

With skirt: Grey panty-hose/tights OR Plain white socks (above ankle)

Grey Pants (with grey or black socks)

Grey Trousers or Shorts (Surrey)

SJC Winter Shirt Style 1 (with logo)

SJC Winter Shirt Style 2 (with logo)

Black, leather, lace-up school shoes with low heel.

Black, leather boots (worn with Slacks only) (optional)

School Scarf

School Beanie

Grey or Black Socks with Trousers. White socks with shorts.

College Woollen Jumper or College Rugby jumper

VCE Jumper (optional – Year 11 & 12 students only)

SJC Windbreaker (worn with Jumper, not instead of Jumper)

SJC Soft shell jacket 



Gold and green PE polo shirt with school logo

Green sports shorts with school logo

School tracksuit pants and jacket

White socks (no logo)

Sports runners (no skate shoes, street shoes, volleys etc.)

School hat during Terms 1 and 4.



Undergarments should not be visible (including T-shirts). No colours or slogans should be visible through the white school shirt.



Hair is to be of suitable style that befits the College uniform; extreme and/or unusual hairstyles (including bright, unnatural colours) are not permitted.  Hair should be clean, neat and tidy.

Facial hair is not permitted. 

Hair ribbons/ties/bows and headbands should be discreet. Green and white colours are encouraged.



If makeup is worn, it is to be discreet and barely noticeable as deemed appropriate by the College. 

Discreet coloured nails are permissible.

Long nails are not permitted due to Occupational Health and Safety Regulations.



Tattoos are not to be visible. 



Any Jewellery worn should be minimal and discreet.

No plugs, stretchers, or extenders are permitted.

Students may wear a discreet stud in the Eyebrow or Nose (it should essentially be invisible), otherwise there should be no visible facial piercings.

Excessive Jewellery, as determined by the College, will be confiscated and returned to students at the end of the day (from the front office).



Any student out of uniform must have a written explanation from his/her parent/guardian. Failure to comply with uniform standards may result in students being sent home to make corrections.

When a student is out of uniform, the procedural steps are as follows:

  1. Warning/reminder (entered as a tracking on SIMON, letter sent home).
  2. Second offence. LM to contact home and explain the breach and what needs to be rectified.
  3. Student is to receive a recess or lunch time detention and home contacted again to inform them that the next time student will need to be collected for the uniform to be rectified.
  4. Student to be collected or uniform items delivered to them.

(Students can bring a note from home with an explanation and date when they will be in full school uniform.)



SJC Physical Education Uniform Expectations