An Award winning program

St. Joseph’s College is proud of the Integrated VCAL program that we offer our students. This program and the achievements of individual students, have been recognised at the VCAL Achievement Awards held each year by the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority.

VCAL students at St Joseph’s College say that VCAL is:

  • “An adventure…”
  • “Lets you combine work and school”
  • “Prepares you for the workplace”
  • “Different”
  • “Learning with your friends”
  • “Freedom to do things like running a café”
  • “The chance to try different things”
  • “About learning life skills that you can use in the future”
  • “Fun ways to learn”
  • “About opening doors for yourself”
  • “Different ways to learn”
  • “Super”
  • “Cool”
  • “Different to VCE because it’s more flexible and you don’t do exams”

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning is a senior school certificate that aims to provide the skills, knowledge and attributes that enable students to make informed choices about their pathways to work and further education.

Like the VCE, VCAL is completed over Year 11 and 12.

Personal development and the utilization of students’ particular interests and pathways in the context of applied learning, are the underpinning principles of the VCAL.

This means that students focus on practical, ‘hands on’ learning that develops the interpersonal skills that are valued by Australian employers while strengthening literacy and numeracy skills.

St. Joseph’s VCAL students participate in an integrated program that allows them to develop group activities within the school and the broader community. Students work in teams, set goals, solve problems and celebrate group successes while experiencing a hands-on approach to learning. Students also complete vocational training and experience structured work placement in the industry of their choice as they combine school and employment to develop a pathway to work and further learning.