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Enrichment &


The St Joseph’s College provides a hope-filled education experience for all. Students with identified needs grow with the support our staff can provide and all students benefit from the high expectations of parents and staff working together.
Enrichment & Inclusion

At St Joseph's College, our Enrichment and Inclusion programs and supports are all individualised to best meet a student's educational, wellbeing and social needs. Extensive student subject choice is available from Year 8 onwards through a vertical curriculum structure. This extensive student choice extends to a variety of pathways including VCE, VCE-Vocational Major (VCE-VM), Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC), Vocational Education and Training (VET), School Based Apprenticeships and Traineeships (SBATs) and opportunities in senior years aim to improve student engagement.

Enrichment & Inclusion

While St Joseph’s offers a differentiated curriculum for the diverse range of learners in the modern classroom, some students may at times feel overwhelmed. Sometimes these challenges can be overcome through reasonable accommodations.

The Learning Enhancement Team supports students and their families to navigate these requirements together with a student-centred approach.

Student interest varies greatly and positive relationships influence engagement and success. Finding work placements in an area of passion for disengaged students can be inspirational.


 Equally, students are able to build relationships through our community partnerships with members of the community such as during the Mates Mentoring program. These targeted programs are an effective means to re-engage students. 


Since 2018, St Joseph’s College has been part of Echuca’s I Can Network, supporting some of our students identifying on the Autism Spectrum and developing a greater understanding and support of Autistic members of our community.

Our College Leader –  Enrichment & Inclusion is Adam Prime, and our Co-Learning Enhancement Leaders are Asher Arnel, Honni Goulding & Felicity Hutton.

They can be contacted at:

Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

St Joseph’s College promotes safety and belonging by respecting diversity, encouraging positive relationships and empowering both students and teachers to work in an environment conducive to improving learning outcomes. All members of our College community have the right to a safe and supportive environment, in which they can reach their full academic, emotional, physical and spiritual potential. In essence, teachers have the right to teach, and all students have the right to learn.


The College understands that our students are growing in their readiness to be young people who are adaptable and discernible for their world post St Josephs’ College. 


To best prepare them, we need to work together to support them to navigate this journey. There will be times when College expectations and student behaviour are contrary to each other.

Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviours by students will be addressed by a considered response that looks at the behaviours,  the reason behind those behaviours, and how to respond well when challenged in the future while still holding the dignity of all parties. If this occurs, student rights are not diminished, and at all times, the Christian value of forgiveness will be upheld and promoted.

Student Expectations

Pastoral Care & WellbeingTeam

Pastoral Care & Wellbeing Team

The St Joseph’s College school community is an incredibly welcoming, compassionate and supportive environment that values the development, achievement and contribution of all students and their families.

Our Team

College Leaders:

Suzanne Pola: Student Wellbeing
Adam Prime: Enrichment and Inclusion


Directors of Campus:

Brigidine: Shari Gotch

Kildare: Jarrod O'Brien

Wellbeing Support:

Francis Lias: Wellbeing Team
Abbey Watson: Wellbeing Team

Lisa Baker: Wellbeing Team

Holly McLeish: Wellbeing Team


Donna Walsh: Koorie Education Worker

To make contact with the Wellbeing Team you can email:

Further wellbeing support links:


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